Aarhus – Day trip Itinerary

I was in Aarhus a couple of weekends ago and I arrived by train from Stockholm, since it was the most budget-friendly way and I did not have to worry about going through TSA. I know it is for my safety but it is the least pleasant part of my journey, also on a train I do not have to worry about how much my bags weigh. In addition, to it being (most of the time) budget-friendly, it is environmentally-friendly.

Depending on the time you arrive you might have time to explore a little bit. I am going to do this as if you going to start your day at 9 am. Depending on the time you arrive, you’ll have to adjust this itinerary.

9 am: You have arrived at the Aarhus central station. Explore the center. You can head to Aarhus cathedral and walk around the site. For 200 Danish Krone you can go up the stairs into the bell tower. It is a nice place to visit, so you can take your time walking around. An hour or an hour and a half would be enough time.

View of the eastern part of the church from the aisle.
View from bell tower

10 am: Go to Dokk1. It is a waterfront cultural center. They usually have exhibitions but you also get a view of the water looking out from Aarhus. This was designed by Schmidt Hammer og Lassen, a Danish architect. It is beautifully designed and is well worth a visit.

11 am: Take an early lunch, so you can see the other sites in Aarhus with a full stomach. There are some great food halls nearby. My favorite was the Aarhus food market. It is right in front of the train station and they have several good and budget friendly options.

There was an Italian Pizzeria within the food hall that was divine. Some of the best pizza. Big enough to share with another person.

12 pm – 3 pm: Take a walk through the city center and head over to the ARoS Art museum and see the city through the rainbow panorama. Upon arriving you can head straight up to the panorama exhibition or go through the museum as well. This will take a couple of hours.

A panoramic portion of the exhibit. As you walk along you can see the city in different shades.

3 pm: If you are not feeling too tired and are still wanting to do a little exploring. There is a nice picturesque, cobbled street called Møllestien. It is instagram-worthy if that is what you like. It is also budget friendly.

4 pm: At this point, relax around the city center. Grab some coffee and a pastry. You can further explore the city center as well. After this your afternoon and evening is free! Head over to dinner and just relax. You’ve seen the sites of the budget friendly guide of Aarhus.

Note: This Itinerary is to ensure you see as much of Aarhus, if you are a fan of museums, there is an archaeological one just outside of Aarhus. Called the Moesgaard. It is about a 20 minutes bus ride, but I would recommend staying there all day. Since it is large and interactive. If you are spending two days in Aarhus then spend your second day here. I highly recommend it.

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