The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Foodie’s guide to Stockholm

Now, most of these are not on a list for the best restaurants or food joints in Stockholm, but they should be. These are my absolute favorites, either I frequent them because of they’re quick and cheap or proximity to where I live/work.


This is a vegetarian restaurant but do not let that fact sway you from visiting. It is a buffet, which speaks to the American in me and it is a good price. The menu is multi-cultural, so you are able to taste the influences from a variety of food cultures, which is great for foodies. In addition, to the great food, if the weather is nice, you can sit outside and get a gorgeous view of Gamla Stan. So dinner AND a view.

Located at FJÄLLGATAN 23B


This is a pizzeria. Now, no one thinks about going to Sweden and having Italian food but if you are suddenly in the mood for pizza and do not want to go to Pizza Hut. This is a great option. Also, every Italian I know in Stockholm loves this place because it tastes like traditional pizza. Giro was also nominated as one of the top 5 pizzerias in Northern Europe in 2017. So, there is that. Make sure you bring your hunger because you cannot order slices and you will not want to share a whole pizza either.

Located at SVEAVÄGEN 46


This one is a strange one to add but it is one of my favorite places to go for lunch during the week. It is located at the Naturhistorisk museet. The price is good for Stockholm, and the menu changes on a regular basis so you can try different things. You also get a coffee/tea, water, bread, and a salad during weekday lunch hours.



This is not a restaurant but a food hall. It consists of 11 restaurants, so you can visit for nearly two weeks and eat someplace different every time. The price varies between which place you choose, but they have food from all over the world. If you are in a group of people who cannot decide on one place, this is the place to go where everyone can get something different and what they are in the mood for.

Located at KUNGSGATAN 25

Hornstull Markand

If you like food trucks and flea markets, then this is the place for you. During the Saturdays and Sundays of summer, trucks and stalls are set up for food and various other items. Located on Hornstull’s beach. Seats are limited but they generally have some great food that fits every diet.


Greasy Spoon

This is a great place for brunch on the weekend. They also have lunch and breakfast during the week. It is British-styled breakfast because they have a fry-up, but they have other tasty options available

2 locations at HAGAGATAN 4 and TJÄRHOVSGATAN 19

Restaurant Pelikan

This is a Swedish pub but it has been open since 1733, so they are clearly doing something right. If you are looking for some classic Swedish food then this is the place. You will be looking at options like roasted reindeer, salted salmon, pork knuckles, etc. It is delicious and it is the only thing on this list that is purely Swedish. I would recommend stopping here.

This is the most expensive on this list, however, it is still reasonably priced. I think.


Älskade Traditioner

This cafe is comfort food at its finest, all with a Swedish flair. With a nice selection of sweet and savory foods, alongside with delicious milkshakes that can be made as a ‘Freakshake.’ This is done by choosing an available pastry. Their sandwiches use waffles as the bread but waffles can be also be severed sweet. This place is popular with locals and is usually packed, which is a great sign.



Established in 1928, this Stockholm-established institution is well-known to Stockholm residents. The atmosphere is fantastic and the location is quite large, with a maze of cozy rooms that make patrons feel at home. There are several entrances, each with a different feel. While the atmosphere is great, it is the pastries and coffee that sets it apart from other cafes in Stockholm.

Located at KUNGSGATAN 55

If you visit these places, let me know what you think!

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