7 things I cut out of my budget

  1. Make-up. Now this one was very hard for me to do as I loved to do my make-up and try new looks. I had to do this one slowly because I also had to learn to not associated self-confidence with this. I still have mascara, concealer, and lipsticks, but I do not buy as often nor wear as often.
  2. Getting my hair done. I was a redhead for a long time, some of my friends did not know my hair was brown until I let it grow out. I’ve gotten my hair done since then but it was either ómbre or balayage so it could grow out and wouldn’t have the root look that showed that a trip to the hair salon was needed pronto.
  3. Manicures/Pedicures. As you can see all the ‘non-essential’ beauty items were deemed no longer important. Now, I do my own mani/pedi in the comfort of my own home.
  4. Drinks at dinner when eating out. I began only ordering water and drinking that. I knew that from working in restaurants that drinks are heavily marked up and it is where most of the possible profit is to be made.
  5. Buying lunch during my break at work. Not only does this take away hard-earned money but it also can wreck havoc on your waistline. I did treat myself once in a while but I stopped making it a regular thing.
  6. Buying herbs. I either grow my own or buy the dried which is obviously not as good but I save money by growing my own. It was honestly a game-changer. The fresher they are the better they taste.
  7. Paper-towels. I use regular kitchen towels or rags for the same chores I would have used for the paper-towels. The only caveat is I have to throw them in the wash which is much cheaper in the long-run than buying a package every week.

There you have it, on the way to FI/RE this is what I gave up. This list is of non-exhaustive so I will continue to add as time goes on.

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