About me

Hi and Welcome! I am Crista, your money coach helping immigrants and expats manage their finances. I am a U.S. immigrant living in Sweden that just defended my Ph.D. I am also part of the FIRE movement, but focusing on the FI portion, and I am working on retirement goals. However, instead of a traditional retirement, I plan on taking several mini-retirements. Similar to a gap year.

I live in Sweden and  have spent the majority of my life living abroad, so I am experienced in moving internationally. My moves have been for my education, but everyone moves for different reasons.

I want you to use this site as a resource and also learn what it is like to live abroad.

Follow my journey on how I navigate life and build wealth in the frozen north.

Searching for financial independence with the FI/RE movement

Goal to LeanFI ($288k)
Student Loan repayment
6 month Emergency Fund ($10000 USD)