Eating the culture in. What is typical Honduran food?

Have you ever wondered what is typical Honduran food? Are you looking to visit? Are you wondering if there is a difference between the food cultures within Central America? If you continue reading, you will find there is a rich food culture that needs to be tried.

The thing to realize is that typical Honduran food contains a lot of corn, whether it is in the tortillas, and even some desserts. Pre-conquest Mayan and Lencan people in Honduras relied on corn, as it was their principle crop. It was also seen as a gift from the gods. The tradition has continued into present day where the food contains a base of corn. However, modern- day Honduran food is now a fusion of these dishes, as well as Spanish, Caribbean, and African.


In the morning, when we woke up we went for Baleadas. A typical Honduran dish that I scarfed down without getting a decent picture. We went to Baleada Express which is all over town in San Pedro Sula. It is a flour tortilla with eggs, crema, and mashed small red beans. You can also order it with avocado but we had some at the house and decided to use that.

Cost: 1.50 USD each. You only need one, believe me.

Honduran Chinese- American

For lunch we decided to take my Abuela out for lunch. She loves this one Chinese restaurant, so we headed there. It was called ‘Restaurante Kung Fu,’ it has your standard Chinese-American fare. The restaurant provides a family-style service as it was one large plate with two different types of dishes, bread, and large soda.

Total Cost: 12 USD


Not to be confused with Tamales, which is also another dish. Tamalitos is made in a similar way but with corn as its main ingredient. It is a bit sweeter than tamales as they are savory in comparison. With this dish you can put a generous serving of crema. These were purchased from Tio Dolmo, a chain of bakeries in Honduras.

Total Cost: $1.25 USD

Tacos Catrachos

These type of tacos look more like flautas in other parts of the world. They are made with a chosen meat wrapped in a tortilla topped with tomato sauce, cabbage and queso fresco. We went to Tacos Jacobo, however, all of us became ill, despite having different dishes. So, I am unsure what part of the meal made us ill. However, before that we thought it was tasty for fast food.

Total cost for 2 tacos: $2.98 USD

Typical Breakfast in sandwich form

Breakfast provided by Maison Hotel Boutique.

The typical Honduran breakfast is scrambled eggs, mashed red beans, crema or queso fresco, with a tortilla. This one is with everything you find in that and in a baleada but on a fresh bread.

Pescado Frito con Tajadas- Honduran Fish and Chips

A very popular dish that you can find nearly everywhere. The most basic part of it is the fish and the plantain chips. However, a tortilla, rice and beans are also popular additions.

Total Cost: Approx $5 USD

Seafood Spread- Omoa, Honduras

Similar to the dish above but with other seafood included. Pictured here is the fried fish, conch soup, shrimp, lobster, and cooked conch, rice and beans, tajadas, and picked onion. Absolutely delicious. we were only a group of 4 but we definitely could have fed two more people.

Total Cost: Approximately $50 for 4 people including drinks.

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