Don Udos Hotel review – Copan Ruinas, Honduras [Not an ad]

I have mentioned before that I visited Honduras and I made a stop at the Mayan Ruins. We stayed in the nearby town called Copan Ruinas, which lies in a mountainous range and is about 10 minutes away from the ruins.

We ended up staying at Hotel Don Udos, which was recommended by another family member. I would normally stay in a hostel if I was on my own but as I was with family, we opted for a hotel. We booked three rooms. I find the price range to be average for a mid-range hotel, about 70 USD a night. This included a 2 single-bed room with a bathroom, breakfast, and parking. However, the

The hotel has its own chocolate and chocolatier. She showed us the area where the chocolate is made and allowed us to taste. It was not a huge variety but it had the normal chocolate types. For instance, 45%, 78%, etc. were available. In the end, there were all delicious, and we ended up going home with some.

After the ruins we came back to rest at the hotel. Everyone had a good night sleep, and found the beds were comfortable (aside from myself). In addition, there were extra blankets in the closet if needed and the rooms came with an AC unit, which is a necessity in these parts. Each room also included its own bathroom with a shower, and even some soaps.

Upon waking up, we all ventured downstairs into the restaurant area to have breakfast. The area is set up as a courtyard, so you can sit outside and listen to the town beginning to wake up. We were given a menu to choose 1 out of 5 choices. I chose the poached eggs, coffee, and some passion fruit juice, whereas the others in my group settled on a typical breakfast of eggs, black beans, queso fresco (a cheese typical of the country), and plantains.

We walked around the town a bit more after breakfast but soon checked out and were on our way back to San Pedro Sula.

Final thoughts: Despite me not finding the bed as comfortable, I found the rest of my visit to be great. The breakfast was delicious, staff were welcoming and the hotel overall felt safe. We did not feel we had to worry about leaving our vehicle parked or anything. If I return to this town I would stay at this hotel again and would recommend anyone visiting to stay here. In addition, if you are alone and on a budget this might not be a great place to stay. However, if you are in a group, I think it is great.

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