The sensible book guide for Financial Independence

book guide

There may be affiliate links in this article, so that means if you click and make a purchase, I may earn a commission but this is at no additional cost to you. These affiliate links are how I keep the blog up. All links are associated with my Amazon page, and these are some gift ideas (a book guide) that have a financial theme. Perfect for those wanting to become financially literate or break those generational curses.

These are just some examples of gifts you can give your family members. Many of these are recommended by those in the personal finance world. Ultimately this book guide does not have to be for gifts for others but also for yourself. As always, the books in this book guide are suggestions, you still need to do your research on whether they are good fit for you.


Budget Planners

Books about money for kids

How to become debt-free

Financial Independence

Books on Investing

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