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Transferring money abroad

I used Transferwise, the hyperlink is to my invite code. This is actually great for expats, or even those who want to send money abroad. I have been using this since I moved to Sweden, I was using the international bank transfers initially but it was expensive. So, in the name of frugality I sought other resources I could use and I came across Transferwise. In addition to sending money you can also receive a debit card so when you are traveling you can use that currency at a cheaper rate than what the banks provide.

Site Hosting

Are you looking to start your own website? I use SiteGround, clicking on the link leads to their site. They are a great way to host your site, they start at $3.95/month. The huge benefit is they have a great and knowledgeable customer service agents who are extremely helpful and patient. In addition, using them ensures your website loads fast. No one likes a slow website, especially not in this day and age. It is also secure, so your less likely to get hacked.

Web Hosting

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