Budget Stories- June and the half way point of 2021

Here comes the budget update for June! May was a bit difficult of a month for me. I was only able to save the equivalent of 30 USD. Most of my money had gone to food. It was a bit unfortunate, but it is what it is. In June, I managed to get back on track. The point is that sometimes budgeting can be tough, and some months are easier than others.

Budget Update

I would count this as a successful month overall. Although, I did have a few travel purchases as I went to Gothenburg and its archipelago for the weekend. It was the first bit of travel since the pandemic started. Very deserved, I think.
In addition, I purchased my flight to go back to the US for a bit, but I had to cancel it today and put in for a refund because part of the flight kept getting canceled. So it will be back to the drawing board for me.



This is the month that I really saw the benefits of dividend investing. The most I have made by far and I am really seeing the benefits of compounding, DRIP (dividend reinvestment). The grand total of how much I have earned *drum roll please*

74.41 USD

Now, you might be saying ‘Crista, that is nothing! Other people earn hundreds and thousands.’ 

You would be right. There are people earning hundreds and thousands in dividends monthly. I am not one of those people. So, I am still proud of my little growing pot regardless. 

In addition, I earned income from my salary, my new position as a Pub Quiz master, some reselling but not much. 




My rent stayed the same but I paid more on electricity because of the heat . This month my total expenses for housing was 4,537 SEK (~526 USD).


No Ubers this month but I did use the metro a few times this month  669 SEK (~76 USD).  


I spent an embarrrassing amount on food. I went out several times, ordered take out more times than normal. I also went to Systembolaget, the state alcohol store more than I usually do. So, I have no excuses but I will have to do better.  

Total: 4,275 SEK (~500 USD)


We cannot really go shopping the way we used to still since a lot of fitting rooms were still closed. So, I bought a few things online, but I also had to return items since some things did not fit me properly. Unfortunately I am still waiting on refunds so I will see them for the next month budget.  

Total: 5715 SEK (~665 USD)


Same old, same old. I still have my Disney +,  and Spotify accounts. I did cancel the HULU for a few months. However, I have added a union membership, a bike insurance, and my housing insurance.

Total: 268 SEK(~30 USD)


I was able to save quite a bit, but that is also because I had an inordinate amount of income, which was great for me. However, considering that it is unusual I decided to save the majority of it. 

I will separate this into US savings and Swedish savings.

  • Sweden: 7493.67  SEK (~871 USD)
  • US: 319.99 USD (~2770 SEK)

Assets and Debts


Really that should be singular, as I only have one debt. My student loan. I never have any credit card debt as I pay it off every month. 

Considering my student loan, I have not been paying it down due to the moratorium. Instead I have been depositing the money I would have been using to pay it down into a sinking fund. Once the moratorium ends and if they are not forgiven I will apply the whole amount to the loans, bringing the amount owed down significantly. This would also cut down on the daily interest accrual which has been the bane of my existence. 

At one point it was $10 a day! The day I got it down to $8 a day I celebrated. 



I love seeing these number and I love watching them change on a monthly basis. The one that is most surprising is the crypto. I did sell off a bit because it was too much of my portfolio and I wanted the chance to build out my brokerage account

I use Coinbase  to buy all of my crypto, mainly BTC and ETH. I have inserted an affiliate link, we will both earn $10 in BTC once you buy or sell $100 work of crypto. 

Anyway, I started buying them in 2017 and I have watched the amount skyrocket in the last year. I initially allotted less than 10% of my assets to it, as it is extremely volatile. It has seemed to have steadied but I still think 23% is a bit much, so I have been increasing my investment rate into my brokerage account (M1 Finance).  The benefit of M1 Finance is that you create your own portfolio and you can set up a deposit schedule and based on the percentages you set for each part of the portfolio, it is automatically invested for you. Perfect for the hands-off investor. 

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