Staycation in Stockholm – Ulriksdal Palace


Ulriksdal Palace is located in Solna to the North of Stockholm, just 2 km away from the Bergshamra station. The location of the palace is beautiful as it is situated on Edsviken lake and you can see Danderyd in the distance. 

Some History

The palace was originally built in 1640 for Jacob De la Gardie, the Constable of Realm. It was named after him, Jacobsdal but it was later changed to Ulriksdal. 

In 1650 Queen Christina was coronated and her procession actually began at Ulriksdal and ended at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.  Apparently the procession was so long that as the first carriage arrived at the palace in Stockholm, the last one had not left Ulriksdal.

The name Jacobsdal was shortlived because in 1669 the Queen Dowager Elenora purchased the palace from Jacob’s son. She later gifted it to her grandson and had it renamed after him, Ulriksdal. 

A few years after the Russo-Swedish war (1808-1809), the palace ceased being a royal residence as it was used as a veterans hospital from 1822-1849. The cemetery is actually located on the walk in the area behind the Kungshamra housing. After its stint as a hospital many of the 18th century interiors no longer existed. It did become a royal residence once again but it needed extensive redecorating. 

The palace is no longer lived in and has been open to the public since 1986. However, it is currently closed due to the current climate.


  1. The Palace itself
  2. Orangery, the greenhouse built in the 1600s.
  3. Palace Chapel. Built in 1662 and is currently used for services by Solna Parish. 
  4. Confidencen. The palace theater is Sweden’s oldest Rococo theatre dating to 1753. The building itself though dates to the 1670s and was used as a manège.

My trip

I really began with the walk through the woods since I wanted to go by the Invalid Cemetery that is located on the edge of the forest. Once I paid my respects I continued my walk, which took me 30 minutes from that point.

Walking towards the palace you pass the Confidencen and where the pastures would have been, and some fields. The stables would have been located nearby and the food produced in the fields would have fed those in the palace. 

Upon arriving at the palace you have to pass through a gate and then you can see the grounds which contain the palace, gardens, the orangery. The area is beautiful during the spring and summer but in the winter, the garden is barren. Still beautiful but quiet. 

The walk to Ulriksdal
The wood with the path leading to the Palace
orangery at Ulriksdal
Orangery Museum
edviken behind Ulriksdal
Lake Edsviken
Same area but with Danderyd visible in the distance

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