How to fund a Ph.D. without Student Loans

How to fund a Ph.D. without student loans

One of the first things that come to mind before, during, and after the application process of going to graduate school is “HOW WILL I PAY FOR THIS?!”

If your first thought is “I will get student loans,” then please realize there are other options.

Getting some sort of funding for a Ph.D. is the first battle of any candidate. It is easy to get small amounts of funding but it is the full funding that can be difficult. Which among other things can absolutely stress out a student as student debt is one of the top 5 concerns for many students.  So finding ways to get around this so you can focus on your research is ideal.

I almost stayed in the US for a Ph.D., I was accepted at a university but it was not fully funded.

So there are some ideas on how you can help fund a Ph.D. without a student loan.

1. Get into house-hacking

Buying or renting a house or a duplex is a popular form of house-hacking, you live in one unit or room and rent out the rest. The idea is that it will be a free place for you to stay since all of the tenants would pay your mortgage. Applying this methodology will ensure that you cut out the most expensive part of your monthly budget. Then considering the area that this home would be in, you might be able to live off the rental income. Remember to consider all the factors of being a landlord, like fixing problems is expensive, and so are taxes.

2. Apply for grants or funding

This one is obvious but keep applying. This will also hone your application skills, especially the ones needed for a future in Academia.

In case you are looking on books to help with your grant writing.

My biggest advice to you is to remember your ‘WHY.

3. Work a part-time job

There are different positions available on university campuses or nearby. I 100% am aware of how intense a Ph.D. program is, especially since I am doing one now but those that are not in countries with fully funded positions have to work. Or find a way to earn money. 

Comment your unconventional ways to fund a Ph.D.

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