The five goals for 2021

Last year I wrote about the 5 types of goals you should make every year. You can read more about it here. There are others out there, including , SMART. However, these goal types that I have wrote about have more variation and have clear themes.

2021 Goals

These are my goals for 2021. As I said before there are 5: personal growth, health, financial, work-related, and learning.

  1. Personal Growth –  Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I have such an issue with this. I will go to bed at 1 am/2am after working all day and then wake up at 10 am to continue working. I also need to take some vacation. Even though I now live in Europe, the American mentality of working long hours remains with me. It is a struggle to actually change this mentality. 
  2. Financial – Bring my student loan balance to below $25K.
  3. Work-related – Apply for more funding and have minimum 2 papers published.
  4. Learning – Learn to use R, a statistic coding program successfully. I wrote this last year but this year I had the opportunity to learn another program ArcGIS, so I am now trying to learn R.
  5. Health – Go to the physical therapist and be able to walk normally. Also, take better care of my body so I stop breaking bones.

As you can see all 5 goal types are included and they each have a plan to be reached.

Remember a goal needs a plan to be successful.

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