5 tips on how to work from home effectively

Many of us are now having to work from home and are struggling to do so. A question that has been asked is ‘how to work from home?’ It is difficult in normal times but these are not normal times. So, here are some tips that I have learned over these past few weeks.

1. Set up a specific work space.

This will keep you focused. I tried working from my couch but I learned that I clearly associate watching Netflix to sitting on my couch, so I cleared my desk and re-set it up. Someone in my building was giving away a monitor, so I helped its reuse/recycle life. It is clearly a way to maintain a less wasteful and more budget lifestyle.

My work-area

2. Try to work within a specific time-frame and take breaks if needed.

I work my normal 9-5 with 3 breaks throughout the day. This includes 2 FIKAs (coffee breaks) and a lunch. I get to relax for 15-30 minutes each and prevent a work burn-out.

3. Try to keep a normal sleep schedule.

This helps keep you productive throughout the day.

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4. Have a routine.

For instance, I have kept my normal routine, somewhat. My commute is shorter, which in theory I can roll out of bed on one end of my apartment and all of a sudden be at work. Instead, I try to go for a cycle around the block to give myself a semblance of a commute.

5. Try to minimize distractions.

I am aware this is easier said than done. Not everyone has multiple rooms at their disposal or are at home alone. For those who work in a communal office, it is known that having headphones on will help keep noises at a minimum. So, even though you are at home, it might be beneficial to still keep the headphones in to keep the noise level down.

These are the main 5 that I have realized. Comment below what your tips are.

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