Build wealth through side-hustles – Sweden and abroad

*This article contains affiliate links, so I might earn commission on them, which is also a set of side-hustles. *

We live in gig-economy and there are many opportunities to find or create your own set of side-hustles. Side-hustles allow you to make additional income and supplement your main income. Some have been able to make a decent living off a side-hustle. This list is non-exhaustive and I will continue adding to it.

  1. My favorite one is dog sitting and walking. I used DogBuddy prior to Rover taking over the company, and I had a bit of success with it. Both allow you to set your own hours and times, and exactly what you can do. Through the updated Rover app you can set up a Doggy Day Care. Where people drop off their animals and you can take care of them for the day, essentially a daily boarding. Perfect for animals that require a lot of care.
  2. TipTapp – This is not upsetting the moving industry as much as I expected. However, TipTapp is for people who do not have friends with a large vehicle or do not have a lot of furniture to move. Essentially, if you have a large vehicle you can use it to earn additional income in a similar way to Uber. Instead, you help people move or take away furniture. The person who needs the moving sets a price and then the drivers/movers will bid for the job. I have only used the app for moving but my driver seemed to make a decent wage doing it.
  3. Electric scooters are really picking up in most parts of the developed world. To be honest, I dislike them as people are unsure of where to park or drive them. However, these scooters need charging, so if you have electricity included in your rent or have the ability to move and charge several scooters it might be a good side-hustle. I have seen many people with large vans picking them up and dropping them off. Several companies exist – VOI, Lime, etc.
  4. Become an English teacher. I am a bit wary of this and I know this is popular in the U.S to become an online English teacher. I know tutoring exists here but I am unsure of any apps or schools.youSwed
  5. Airbnb – Known for allowing people to rent out their spare bedroom or apartments to travelers while they themselves are away. Airbnb has now moved to experiences. This is perfect for people who do not want to let others into their home or they do not have the ability. If you are looking to be an Airbnb host, either for a room/ apartment or experience, click on one of the links. We will both get a benefit. Or if you are wanting to travel and have never used Airbnb before, here is a link to get $51 off your next vacation.
  6. Blogging. There is a lot of knowledge out there on the internet. Look at you, reading this blog. You have stumbled upon one of my own side-hustles. If you are looking to start your own blog or website, click here to begin. This link will take you to Site-ground, one of the best Site-hosters I have used. They are easy to use and have 24/7 customer support.

What are your favorite side-hustles?

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