5 types of goals you should make every year

It is that time of year again. Everyone is making new goals for the upcoming year and reflecting on the goals reached from the previous year. These goals should be attainable and they vary from person to person.  Having only one goal or type of goal can be great for some but having a set of goals, even if one is not reached you can still feel successful. Only having one goal and not reaching it might not have a positive effect on your mental health. Having 5 and reaching only one can make you still feel successful.

This list can be used to be making your goal list for the upcoming year. Having 5 different types of goals also helps with your own growth since your desires and likes can change over the course of the year. 

Goal Types

  1.  Personal Growth- This can be anything. Anything that does not fit into any of the categories. This one can be one about something you always wanted to do. For instance, attend events so that you can be more social and make new friends, rekindle friendships, etc.
  2. Financial – Is there something you are saving for in general? Have you been wanting to save a higher percentage of your income or up your retirement savings rate? This is for you.
  3. Work-related – Trying to earn a higher income either within the same position, or perhaps move to another position. This can be the year of transition for you.
  4. Learning – We learn something new every day. But, is there a new skill you wanted to learn but have not gotten around to it? Put it down in writing and allot some time in your daily or weekly routine to learn this new skill.
  5. Health – Has your Doctor or your own body been telling you to quit or start up something? Have you been wanting to quit smoking or be able to run a 5K, then write it down. 

Click here for a new free printable for your goals, Print it, hang it up where you can see it so you know where you are and you can be successful with it all.

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