Christmas Market at Drottningholm Palace – Stockholm

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This past weekend was one of the many Christmas Markets in Stockholm. They were everywhere- Gamla Stan, Kungsträdgården, and Drottningholm Palace. I visited the latter this weekend. I have been to the others in previous years and I did not like them. The Gamla Stan Christmas Market was too crowded, you could barely get a peek inside the stalls. The one in Kungsträdgården had too little choice when it came to stalls. Finally, the one at the palace had the right amount of stalls and enough walking room to not feel cramped.

The Palace is within Stockholm County so the SL card will get you here. It takes about half an hour to get here from T-Centralen. All these little shops are around, some serve food, some serve Glogg (mulled wine), and others have sweets, toys, clothes, and any Christmas decorations you are missing.

As part of my no-spend day, I decided to spend it here since I knew that I could at least go for the experience since I love these types of markets. It’s like a farmers market but with my favorite season attached, so what is not to love. Swedes sure love and know how to celebrate their Christmas.

How to get here?

From T-Centralen you will hop onto the green line headed towards Hasselby Strand and get off at Brommaplan. Once at Brommaplan head towards the buses and you will get on one of 2 buses 176 or 177. They are at Stop point F and B, respectively. During this weekend, the buses were decked out in the holiday spirit and the drivers were giving out the Pepparskakor (gingerbread cookies) to the passengers.

Is there an entrance fee?

Only to go inside the palace, the grounds as you can see below and the market have fee.

What else should I know?

If you plan on coming the weekend of the market then you need to keep an empty stomach so you can experience the Julbord feast they have at the market. I did not attend as these last couple of weeks have wrecked any semblance of a diet that I had. However, if you are staying in Stockholm, several hotels and restaurants have Julbord feasts. A Julbord literally translates to ‘Christmas Table.’ It has the same amount of food as an American Thanksgiving and it is just as good.

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