‘Spice up your life’: Coconut rice and Bean recipe (2 different types)

A couple of days ago I talked about making coconut #riceandbeans and it had a decent response on my Instagram (Follow me here). So, I made two-types, the recipe I make is lazy and the one my mom makes is not. When I asked her about the measurements, she said to add the amount that feels right. Which is like reading a cookbook from the 18th century.  The great thing about cooking is that there is a lot of room to add in what you like.  Another part of the recipe, that is great for flavor is to add cilantro. Although, I did not add an exact amount of cilantro since that is up to your taste!


This is my recipe, it is the easiest for me to make quick and still have a nutritious meal.

This is my Mom’s. It has more flavor but it does take a little more work as you have to make the beans from scratch. I will make a recipe for that later so you can follow along. However, with this recipe, you can still use canned black beans. No one will judge you!

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