Investing- Buys and Sells of week 45

*Disclaimer. I am not a financial advisor or a licensed investor, this is a personal blog and it is not a set of recommendations to you. Always do your own research before investing in the market. Additionally, this article may contain affiliate links.

So, I did some purchases and sales on my Robinhood and Charles Schwab account. If you’re interested in opening a Robinhood account, click here and get a free stock. Remember investing can be risky, which is why it is important to do your own research and understand what you are buying.


  1. AGN (Allergan) – The merger with ABBV will be taking place in 2020. At that time this stock will be taken off the market and those who are stockholders will receive about $120.00 and 0.8660 shares of ABBV (Abbvie) per share. It is essentially a back-door in receiving ABBV at a discount. However, if it rises above 188.24, I will be selling it. This is because, per the merger agreement, the share price of the 0.8660, based on the June 24th closing price of $75.45. If my AGN share price rises above that then I will be losing money.
  2. JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) – This has been a mainstay in the global market for many years. It has also weathered past recessions. I decided this might be a good one to ‘recession-proof’ my portfolio.
  3. O (Realty Income) – This is a realty REIT. I have been wanting to invest in real estate for a while and I figure this might be the best way to get the foot in the door. Additionally, this provides a monthly dividend, which I like, so it allows me to have a steady income.


  1. BABA (Alibaba) – The reason I sold this is because I am rebalancing my portfolio to focus more on dividend stocks. This is a great growth stock and there is supposed to be a stock split, each share would become 6. It is supposed to occur sometime in 2020. So, it is still a decent buy, but you only make money when you sell at a profit.
  2. FAJTX (American FD 2055 Target Fund) – I did not sell all of it, only a few shares. It’s a Target-age account, and it is great to just set your money in and forget it. However, if you are like me, you like to be more active in your investing.
  3. TD (TD Bank) – I have held this for a while but I have not felt very confident with what I see going on in Canada’s housing market.

Like I said before, this is not any advice, this is based on what I see in the market and in the documents provided about these shares. You are welcome to use this as a starting point or to add to your portfolio, as long as you do your own research. I look at many factors, including the amount of debt a company has vs. profit or revenue

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