The TRUE cost of living in Stockholm

Disclaimer: * This may contain affiliate links* All comparison costs are calculated into US dollars.

The Expensive

Rent, electricity and water in a shared apartment in the city center: 7500 SEK or about $750.00. Divided by 30 days is: 250 SEK/$25.00

BREAKFAST: Time for a big meal, the best start to any day: 120 SEK / $12.00

The Greasy Spoon

Take the metro to work on a single-trip ticket: 47 SEK / $4.70


LUNCH: Grabbing a quick bite to eat from the salad buffet at the grocery store with some garlic bread: 40.18 SEK/ $4.02

At 2:30, true to Swedish form, I meet up a friend for Fika at my favorite bakery. Fika here is part of the culture, everyone takes a break in the day to sit down for coffee. It is a good time to slow down and not take things so seriously. 62 SEK/ $6.25

DINNER: Take the metro from work to go grab dinner and drink with colleagues. Cost is 47 SEK/ $4.70 for the metro and the food and drinks was about 287 SEK/ $29.00

Take the metro home and sleep: 47 SEK/ $4.70

TOTAL: 853.18 SEK/ $86.00

Frugal Way

Rent, electricity, & water in a shared apartment outside of the city center: 3800 SEK/ $380.00. Divided by 30 days: 127 SEK/ $12.70

BREAKFAST: Make my own coffee and overnight oats: 5 SEK/ $0.50

Cycle to work: 349 SEK / $35.00 to fix it up. Daily use is less than .01 per ride.

LUNCH: Bring my own lunch with me: 8.5 SEK/ $0.85

FIKA at 2:30 pm once again. We have a wonderful machine at my office where I can order a latte. Total damage to my budget is 0 SEK

Cycle home on my bike to enjoy the beautiful Swedish air. 0 SEK

Gamla Stan

DINNER: Whip up something delicious and healthy at home and eat with housemates. Approximately 30 SEK /$3.00

Tofu coconut curry with squid ink noodles

TOTAL: 171.50 SEK/ $17.15

So, while it is expensive to live in Stockholm, my daily cost is under $20.00. Most likely less as it depends on what I made for my meals but it is still less than the more expensive route. The frugal route equates to about $600.00 a month. Meaning that the majority of my paycheck goes to my savings or my student loans. This is so I can reach Financial Independence.

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