How my #debtfreejourney changed how I view my birthday.

This might have to do with the fact that I become a little wiser as well as older. I used to celebrate my birthday as a month. Going out every weekend, splurging on a new outfit, buying stuff. These things did not add to my life, instead it would create a stressful November. Meaning I would have to figure out how to pay for all of it. When I found the debt free community, I found that I did not have to live with stress that I created for myself on an annual basis. This is because I lived the month of October as the popular saying goes, “TREAT YO SELF.”

Not exactly a cornerstone of Financial Independence.

So, how did it change the way I celebrate my birthday. I made a little list.`

  1. No longer viewing it as a month when in reality it is one day. This makes my birthday appear more special
  2. Treating myself to one nice dinner, which keeps me under budget.
  3. I also no longer buy a whole new outfit. It used to be that everything I was wearing was new, and then I most likely never wore it again. Which is so far from the more minimalist life-style I live now. I focus on classics and how long an item will last me.
  4. Focusing and relishing experiences rather than buying material goods. Experiences last longer than material items, which will lose value or fashionable status.
  5. Become more appreciative of my time.

All this means is that I am no longer accruing more debt to pay for any extravagant birthday gifts to myself. Becoming more appreciative of my time really is a focal point, I am not using my time to buy more stuff. This means I can allocate time for things that I actually enjoy – my hobbies, family, and friends.

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