Copan – Part 2, the town

Copan Ruinas which is the town near the ruins. The modern town is built over a complex that dates to the Classic period. Meaning this area has been human-occupied for at least a thousand years.

The streets are narrow and steep, making it difficult to drive cars through the town. It does not stop anyone though. The easiest way to get around is using the moto-taxis, that are found all throughout the town.

One of the many moto-taxis

It is a very safe town with a lot of tourists. It is small, so it is walkable, although the hills make it tough. My cousins and I went out walking to the bar and felt safe the entire time, as we would never do that in their hometowns.

We stayed at a Hotel Don Udos, which was lovely. I will be posting a review of it in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

Near the hotel was this shop where we bought a lot of jade jewelery. They not only had jewelry but other types of decorative pieces like knives and figurines. They also had items made of obsidian.

We were only here for a night and I think it would have been nice to stay a couple more nights to explore more. Next time I think I will.

Town square. You can see a few structures throughout the town that pays homage to its Mayan roots.

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