Are you eligible for a $20,000 payout? The Equifax breach settlement

I am not sure if many of you remember the Equifax breach, where millions of Americans information was impacted. A class-action settlement has been filed and submitted to the Court. Equifax denies any wrongdoing.

A reader sent me this link below:

If you file a claim, by January 22, 2020, you might be eligible for compensation. In addition, if you had any out-of-pocket expenses or time lost and you are able to prove it. You can claim those losses. This is capped at $20,000.00. The other two options are 4 years of free credit monitoring, provided by Equifax, or a cash payment of $125.00.

However, filing does not mean you will get compensation. It is all up the Court to decide if the settlement is approved. But, if you are one of those unlucky Americans (like me) who was impacted by the breach then it is advisable to file a claim. Not for the money, but also for precedence. Personal information was mishandled, that is the bottom line. Data is one of the most profitable commodities in the technological age. Many lives were affected by this and $125.00 is not enough to pay for the stress caused by it, but it is a good place to start.

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