Why FIRE, Why Debt Freedom. Why?

What is my ‘why?’

I was fifteen when my island was ravaged by 4 hurricanes in a row. Ruining the crops and further crippling the tourism industry.

Then, I came of age in 2008.

These two events in my life were a wake-up call. My ‘2008’ had happened years earlier so by the time the Great Recession had rolled around, my family and I had downsized our lives. We had become frugal.

I decided that I wanted a life that was recession proof. Have multiple streams of incomes so if one does not do well I still have others.

However, I did make some mistakes along the way and let my desires win. Since, I am human.

My ‘why’ is my future. I want to comfortable, I want to have the freedom to take any opportunity that comes my way and not turn it down because I cannot afford it.

This is a profound question that everyone in the debt free and FIRE community have to ask themselves? Why are you doing this? Why do you want to be different than everyone else?

For some it may be their children, their family, or even their pets. For others, like me, it is our future.

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