Stockholm Metro: The World’s Longest Art Gallery

T-Centralen, Stockholm

The Stockholm Metro - About

With 100 stops and 65.7 miles (105.7 kilometers) in length, and nearly all stations have been decorated by artists. Wonderful artists had been chosen to decorate the many stations since the Stockholm metro opened in the 1950’s and even today there are new stations opening. Not only do you get to enjoy an art gallery at nearly every stop, you can pay homage to the various artists that have created a special space that commuters can enjoy.

In addition, the metro is an inexpensive way to enjoy art and culture in this wonderful city. For instance, when visiting Stockholm it is necessary to purchase a SL card (metro pass). This pass is also good for overground trams, buses, and ferries, making it worth the purchase. When traveling with this pass, you can stop at as many stations as you want, as long as you stay underground the entire time and do not exit through the gates. This is a budget-friendly way to explore Stockholm and enjoy the views that Stockholm commuters regularly enjoy. Essentially seeing Stockholm from the perspective of a Stockholmer.


Below are several photos taken by me on my iPhone 7. These are my favorite stations.






Solna Centrum





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