Debt Free Journey – Minimalism

The debt free journey can play a little into becoming minimalist. The main idea about being minimalist is not to have empty rooms or an empty house but to fill it with only the things you need or make you happy. If clutter and having too many items makes you feel stressed then the move to minimalism makes sense.

These are a few recommendations on how you can become minimalist on your debt-free journey.

  1. Sell unnecessary goods on Ebay, Poshmark, yard sales, etc. Any money made can be put towards debt. Once the down scaling has finished you might realize how useless many things were and it becomes almost like a game to keep downsizing until you are only left with the things truly needed.
  2. Downsize housing costs. Maybe you realize that having less items to makes your current housing feel empty and museum-like. This might be a good time to search for a smaller and cheaper place to live. Your wallet will thank you.
  3. Downsizing vehicle or getting rid of it all together. Depending on where you are having a large car or having a car at all might not be necessary.
  4. Unsubscribing from paid subscriptions, these include Netflix, Hulu, Birchbox, etc. If they are not being used or enjoyed as often, it can just eat away at the budget, their removal means that money can be added to debt.

When it comes down to it, minimalism is a lifestyle but it can be done alongside the debt-free journey. Minimalism is not an ideal lifestyle for everyone, but it can feel like a fresh start. All the items and clutter that were a part of the life in debt have been removed and the cleanliness that is left is a symbol of cleaning up the financial mess as well.

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