5 simple ways to become zero-waste and save money!

Reducing your carbon footprint and saving money does not appear to be a tandem team but they can be. The zero-waste movement may seem like a fad but most of our ancestors were zero-waste. It has only been in the last couple of centuries that our waste is becoming unreal. 

Fortunately, these are simple ways to get started, so you do not have to try and only fill up a small jar as some people have in the past.

1. Buy and sell secondhand

I  can honestly make an entire post exclusively about this topic. However, the idea is that you sell the goods you are no longer using and instead of throwing it away to have it end up in a landfill. It can have a second-life, being used and appreciated by someone else. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. At the same time, only purchasing goods second-hand can also decrease the waste that is being put into the landfills and it is usually better for your wallet as they are cheaper than buying brand new. Usually a good scrub can make it feel like new again.

2. Fix and maintain your appliances

Instead of buying a brand new appliance, see if fixing it would be more cost-effective. Or purchasing appliances that conserve energy, those savings in the long-run can pay off.

3. Be your own handy-man.

This kind of falls in line with number two. If you learn to fix and maintain your appliances, you can not only learn a marketable skill and use it as a side-hustle but you will save money from not hiring someone else to do it.

4. Use public transportation or bicycles

Change up your commute by taking the bus or cycling. With the choice of cycling you also are investing in your health which in the long-run is cheaper than regular doctors visits. The best form of preventative health care. Additionally, it saves money on expensive gym memberships. Using public transport can save you money on gas, insurance, parking, wear-and-tear on your vehicle. These methods also helps reduce road congestion on the roads.

5. Go paperless

Many companies have the option to go paperless. One, this is better for the environment. Two, many companies are charging fees to send these bills out to clients, if you notice those companies are beginning to charge these fees, it is better for your wallet to go paperless.

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