Debt Free Journey – Zero Waste

This is a hot-topic movement. Many millennials are living minimalist lives and are becoming conscious about how wasteful habits are affecting the environment. For instance, plastic bottles ending up in landfills and not being recycled properly.

As a self- professed foodie, I realized that great food is something I am not willing to fully give up while on my debt free journey. I have instead learned to make some of my favorite foods, such as eggs benedict, I no longer have to pay for a meal I can make at home for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, I have realized I have taken more care as to how often I would use things before purchasing. I tend to visit flea markets, thrift stores or charity shop first before I go elsewhere if I need something. I additionally have reusable water and thermos bottle. I have reusable grocery bags, and I save the jars from the jam I bought to make different items like pickles or overnight oats. Many things are supposed to have one life but I try to ensure it has at least a second life. This also prevents me from buying an item that can be used specifically for that.

This has been a huge part of my debt free journey. So for those of you who are trying to figure out a way to begin, I would recommend looking at all your stuff and seeing how many lives can this item have? How many times can I use it? What can I use it for?

Another example of a zero waste hack is, say you purchase a whole head of romaine lettuce, instead of throwing the end piece. Save it and put it in a cup with some water. Then watch your little plant come to life. Now, it won’t grow to as big as the original one you purchased but you would have saved some money on a head of romaine for your future sandwich. These are little things I do as well to save money.

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