Creating a budget is a stop on the way to financial freedom

Creating a budget has helped me to enjoy living in Stockholm. Having a budget tells you where your money is going, making it is less stressful. So you do not have to be screaming trying to figure out how to pay your rent because you spent too much money on avocado toast. So, I had to figure out my values and allocate my money to those areas and cut off others. I can now enjoy my time in Stockholm.

I have created a list for you to see how I cut corners in my budget to ensure maximum enjoyment. You can take these with a grain of salt or make it into your own. I just want you to reach financial freedom as well :).

  1. I value privacy and I would love my own apartment but I value getting out of debt a bit more. So, I am moving into a shared place still in the city but it is a bit further out. I also want to enjoy my time living here in Stockholm and paying less allows me to experience all this wonderful city has to offer.
  2. I do not have a car. so I do not have to pay for gas, tolls, parking, insurance, taxes, etc. Stockholm has a reliable transportation system that I use for about 6 months a year. When it is lovely and safe enough for the other 6 months I will then cycle. I received a free bike that I had to fix up, which was still cheaper than buying one used.
  3. Creating a meal plan on a weekly basis that is based on what is on sale at the grocery store and seasonality.
  4. I go to all free events in town when spring starts and all the trees and flowers start blooming the city begins to wake up as well. This is when I can go out and explore a little more.
  5. Taking a day-trip to the archipelago. The metro card in Stockholm (called SL) connects the whole of Stockholm county. If I am feeling like I need to get away, I can hop on the bus and within an hour I am on one of the islands and I can just walk around and relax.

This list is obviously non-exhaustive and I will continue to add on as I go along, especially since the road to financial freedom is not a direct one. Sometimes there are side-streets.

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