5 things I do not buy since moving to Sweden

  1. Clothes, not including outerwear. I do not buy most types of clothes here, aside from coats and jackets. I am from a warm climate, so the availability of a heavy winter coat is very low. Unless I order from Amazon and to be honest, I decided to wait until I got here to at least see what is made for this climate and then purchase something. I did this, it was super expensive but I think it was the best option for me. I do not really buy clothes here, it is expensive. I can buy most things in the U.S for half the price and it fits better.
  2. Anything to do with a car. This is specific to where I live though. I live in a big city with reliable transportation, and it really is not needed for me here.
  3. Shoes. I had a pair of winter boots and other pairs of boots prior to moving to Sweden. I also brought some fairly new pairs of shoes with me. If I need to buy new ones I will, but I only replace.
  4. Books. I love reading and prior to moving I had to figure out what to do with my book collection. They’re in a good home but I decided that I would take advantage of the library system.
  5. Hair straightening products. My hair, at least back home, is curly, but since moving to Sweden my hair has more of a wavy texture. I think it is the lack of humidity here, especially when compared to Florida. I no longer have to go have keratin treatments. My hair here is much easier to manage, so I get to save money on this subject.

There you have it. Now I only buy to replace what I no longer have, I do not buy to have extra. Even if there is a sale because I still have to spend money on the item even if it is ‘cheaper.’ Not exactly ideal when on a budget.

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