Robeston Wathen and Llwhaden Castle

There is a fairly profitable market in the U.S. for the search of family history. Several websites exist to help those in their search. I relied on these websites to see if I could determine where some of my own ancestors were from originally. I ended up in Wales where we found this gorgeous castle ruins, in the town of Robeston Wathen.

The architecture of the castle (Llawhaden) was gorgeous and the attention to detail was phenomenal. Especially the locations of the grand ‘windows’ looking out into the countryside. The castle is in ruins but the masonry appears to have been completed by skillful persons.  

This little town is tucked away about 2 hours west of Cardiff. It has rolling hills and the fields were such a vivid green as you can see below. There is not much to do in this town, aside from seeing the castle, as the majority of population resides in nearby retirement homes. I did speak to one of the locals and it appears that the last name ‘Wathen’ is a popular one. The history of the how the location came to be named is somewhat spotty but I imagine it was from an individual, whose descendants resided here.

Below are some photos for you to enjoy! It is a nice town to visit but be aware that it is a small town, so there is not much to do if you are interested in shopping. Although, if you’re looking for walking trails and relaxing scenery then this town has it.

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