Tintern Abbey, UK

Located in Wales a Cistercian abbey lays in ruins. This was the second Cistercian abbey founded in Britain but the first in Wales. Originally built over a span of 400 years and the masonry is absolutely phenomenal and the delicate work is still visible today. The abbey fell into ruin in 1536 following the rise of the Church of England.

Despite it being in ruins, the site is still in use as a heritage site and a tourist attraction. I would recommend a visit to this location, especially since it is one of the better preserved abbeys I have ever visited.

*This was originally published in a personal blog and it has been adapted for this one. All photos still are mine.*

Looking westward into the Nave
The east window from the Nave
A close-up of the surviving windows of the Monk’s Refectory
A wider view of the abbey from the North

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